‘Gringo’ missionaries arrested on sex and drug charges in Honduras

One of the suspects captured at his residence in Mangrove Bay, Roatan.

By Ben Anson
Caribbean News Now associate editor

ROATAN, Honduras — Two US missionaries were arrested in Honduras on pornography and narcotics possession charges, after their house was raided by police authorities on the popular tourist island of Roatan. The operation took place in the early hours (6:00 am local time) last Wednesday, September 6.

The two men, identified as David James Waschko (39) and Philip J. Waschko (88), are both from Pennsylvania.

The double arrest was undertaken by members of the National Police under the direction of the DPI (Dirección Policial de Investigaciones). Both men are accused of “unfair deprivation of liberty, trafficking in persons and pornography”.

In addition, they were charged with the illicit possession of narcotics that were allegedly used in drugging a Guatemalan couple they are also accused of abducting, Darlin Michell Hernandez Alvarado and Einer Antonio Hernandez Alvarado.

The local police reportedly acted after a series of tip-offs by local informants. Further investigations carried out by the (DPI) and the Public Prosecutor’s Office resulted in a search of the residence and the immediate arrest of the suspects.

Items found on the property reportedly included marijuana, computers, digital cameras, cable ties, teargas, packets of vaginal lubricant, a diary and notes written by the victims.

According to the charges, on June 1, 2017, the victims were deprived of their liberty by the accused men and that they were allegedly the object of sexual aberrations – through the use of audiovisual media.

This is not an isolated incident in Honduras, where missionaries and religious organisations have been found guilty of sex crimes, resulting in increased distrust of such visitors coming “south of the border”.



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