Solar energy production to grow in Cuba in 2018


CAMAGUEY, Cuba (ACN) — The eastern Cuban province of Camaguey will see the expansion of the use of renewable energy sources when a new photovoltaic park, which is already being constructed in the municipality of Sierra de Cubitas, will become operational, as well as the installation of another three during 2018.

The new park, located in the town of Imías, will be the third of its kind in the territory and will provide 2.2 megawatt/hour (mW/h) to the national power grid (SEN) once it is commissioned.

Juan Carlos Lacaba, a specialist at the Electric Company of Camagüey, explained that the park will have 17,600 panels and will cost about 16 million pesos, an investment that seems expensive at the beginning, but that is quickly amortized by the high efficiency of the energy source.

In addition, it is intended to continue with the electrification of isolated homes without access to the SEN through the use of solar energy, and the placement of panels for the exclusive use of these homes, amounting to some 96,000 in the province, many of them in rural areas.

By 2025, Cuba plans that 24 percent of the electricity generated will be obtained from renewable sources, and in order to reach a similar figure in the province, 12 areas were identified with the possibility of installing solar panel systems.

Data published by the nongovernmental organization (NGO) CubaSolar note that the radiation from the sun that Cuba receives is good when compared with European countries, for example.

For this reason, it is considered as one with the greatest potential, although not only for electricity generation says the website of the aforementioned NGO.

Its use, in addition, allows reducing the emissions of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere and other greenhouse gases, responsible for global warming.

Worldwide, renewable sources are gaining more prominence, because in addition to considerably reducing the pollution of the environment caused by burning fossil fuels, they are more economically sustainable, after the initial investment in technologies.



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